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Finding better ways of developing software

Jolla Market share forecast

December 3, 2013 by Artem Marchenko

Sort of a joke and sort of isn't.

2.7M smartphones are sold every day nowadays according to @tomiahonen.

Jolla has sold 450 phones (or a little less) on its launch day on Nov 27th, some speculations and rumors tell that total preorder size is around 20K units (and at maximum could be 50K - "A typical factory batch size" mentioned by Jolla's spokes person. We also know that Finnish DNA operator starts shipping around Dec 9 and Jolla seems to be busy shipping only preordered phones during December.

Well, speculating on 1K sales a day since Dec 9 and Jolla online store to start shipments on the same day, we get the graph of "shipped to customers" smartphones market share about.

Error margin? Well, if Jolla has not 20K phones ready, but 60K (on the higher side of 50K standard batch size), then Jolla is competing for 0.072% market share by the end of 2013, not for 0.024%. Guys made lots of great work and wearing my developer's hat I can confirm that coding for Sailfish OS is a joy, but there is a long way ahead for the Jolla boat still.

Test-Driving QML. Helsinki version

May 16, 2012 by Artem Marchenko

On May 16, 2011 I was taking part in the Helsinki Qt meetup . I was talking there about how you can test-drive your QML projects using a semi-official qtest-qml library.

Here are the slides and the example code.

This presentation has only minor changes from a year old Tampere version.

How to make your QML applications scale to and look nice on Symbian, MeeGo/Harmattan and android

October 9, 2011 by Artem Marchenko

Yesterday I was talking at the 2nd Tampere barcamp about how you can make your application automatically scale to different devices, yet allow for pixel perfect fine-tuning when needed. We used this approach for Easy Discount Calculator that is to my understanding the first real app available simultaneously for Symbian, MeeGo/Harmattan and Android (on some Android devices it runs smoothly, on som it has problems due to bugs in not yet mature the porting technology).

Unfortunately the presentation may not make much sense to you if you haven’t been to the barcamp as well, but you may like to have a look at the application on your device. Here are the links to the app stores:
- Easy Discount Calculator for Nokia devices. BTW right now it is the second in the top seller Business apps for Nokia N9.
- Easy Discount Calculator for Android devices

Tampere Goes Agile 2011 - conference photos

September 19, 2011 by Artem Marchenko

A couple of days earlier, on Saturday, Sep 17 in a city of Tampere I was co-organizing the conference called Tampere Goes Agile. Conference was a big success, preparations were challenging and interesting and I should really write about it. For now, here is the slideshow for the conference photos. If you want your photos to appear here, tag them on flickr with tamperegoesagile.

There are no comments allowed on this blog (until I find time to solve the overspamming problem), but feel free to copy-paste the slideshow code to wherever you like. The best way for providing feedback is a tweet tagged with #tamperegoesagile or a blog post with a tweet linking to it.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Agile Eastern Europe 2011. A unique conference and a unique marketing opportunity

June 16, 2011 by Artem Marchenko

As some of you may know, I used to go to quite many Agile conferences from relatively academic XP20XX to pretty-much industrial Agile20XX. Yet there was always one conference that remained special for me - Agile Eastern Europe that happened first time in Kiev, Ukraine in 2009.

Even from the first time it was a huge event never seen before in the region. The reasons were three:
- The region was ripe for a big event. Agile was still in its infancy and a number of local conferences just had to turn into something big
- Excellent speaker line up. The team did excellent job attracting the best speakers one could hope for, including David Hussman, J.B. Raisenberg, Jurgen Appelo and others. Yours truly was also speaking on Estimating and Planning, though in a somewhat different league
- A unique location that is visa-free to nearly whole world. It is pretty much the only country in the world where EU, US, Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian people can meet without any visa hassles


This year AGILEEE is going to happen again and I am glad to help with finding sponsors for it. Besides being a great place for participants, AGILEEE is also an excellent marketing opportunity with the crowd full of influence on the company purchasing decision. Last year we had people from 22 countries (twenty two!), nearly half of 450 participants were project managers and executives.


So if you happen to know a company with software industry related interests in the region or just a maker of a tool for the software developers, tell them about this post or about my direct contacts: skype:artem.marchenko, phone: +358-50-486-1137, twitter:AgileArtem

Test-Driving QML

March 15, 2011 by Artem Marchenko

On March 15, 2011 I was taking part in the Tampere MeeGo meetup . I was talking there about how you can test-drive your QML projects using a semi-official qtest-qml library.

Here are the slides and the example code.



Agile Project Management Questions Answered

November 16, 2009 by Kelly Waters

Agile Project Management Questions Answered.I was asked recently to answer 5 questions about agile project management for a feature on PM Boulevard. I thought you might appreciate seeing them here too...

1. How has the Agile practice evolved over the last two years?

I don’t personally think that agile practices have particularly changed in the last two years, however there is clearly a stronger emphasis on some elements more than others now.

Scrum certainly seems to have crossed into the mainstream since I started my blog. Even though it was less than 3 years ago, Scrum still felt quite new and innovative in the UK at that time. I work in the web development sector and now every company I meet seems to be doing Scrum.

Another change is the interest in agile from the project management community. This seems significant as people start to think more about how best to apply agile on larger projects. Looking at Google Trends, which shows search volumes over time, the graph below shows that search demand for ‘agile project management’ started relatively late in terms of agile adoption, and interest is still growing strongly now.


Best of